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This document gives an overview of common DOCSIS events one might encounter within a cable modem’s DOCSIS event logs and gives a brief explanation of what each event means. The information here is a collection from different sources such as The … Continue reading

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Useful Links

HighSpeed.Tips Diagnostic Script   Speed Tests  Name Notes  Mobile Friendly IOS/Android App Yes Not reliable Yes Closest server is NY Yes  Powered by Netflix Yes Yes Diagnostic Tools     Name Description DSLReports Tools … Continue reading

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Wireless (802.11) Troubleshooting

Contents Potential Symptoms Low bandwidth / High Ping / Packet Loss Intermittent Service Low Range Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi (Gathering Network Requirements / Other Error) SSID isn’t listed Can’t remember WPA key Also: Environmental Factors General Advice Low bandwidth / … Continue reading

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VOIP Codec Information

Codec Bitrate (kbps) Notes PCMU u-law g711u 64 High Quality / Bandwidth Default Codec in most ATAs PCMA a-law g711a 80-96 High Quality / Bandwidth g723 24-40 g729 8 g726 32 iLBC 8 GSM 13 Default Zoiper Codec Note: If connecting with … Continue reading

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DSL Modems

Brand Address Username Password Notes Emulator Siemens Asks to set credentials upon first login Speedstream 4100 Thompson (old) admin <blank> ST516 ST546 TG585v8 Comtrend root 12345 CT-5072T Ovislink root root TP-Link admin admin All … Continue reading

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Cable Hardware

This is a list of images and descriptions of hardware used in cable internet connections. Pedestal (Ped) Pedestal / Ped: Some sort of enclosure which contains a Tap. Usually mounted on the side of an apartment building or a stub in someone’s … Continue reading

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SmartRG SR505n Configuration

How to configure a SmartRG SR505n SR505n UI Emulator

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DSL Line Statistics

In the web interface of your DSL modem, (Often accessible even when in bridge mode) you can find information regarding the quality of connection to your DSL provider. Here is the information generally available to the end user: Item Name … Continue reading

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Advanced Internet Troubleshooting

Slow Browsing Perform speed test to eliminate potential for ‘perceived’ slow speeds Check Line Stats/RF values Perform Factory Reset on Cable Modem (Not DSL) Check Ethernet/Wifi Connection speed Check for Packet Loss Isolate Packet Loss Replace Physical connections Bypass troublesome … Continue reading

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DSL Setup Instructions

ADSL Information ATM Interface atm0/(0_0_0.35) VPI: 0 VCI: 35 802.1q priority: -1 802.1q VLAN ID: -1 VDSL Information PTM Interface ptm0/(0_0_1.35) 802.1P: 1 VLAN ID: 35   SmartRG SR505n Configuration Walkthrough

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