Cable Modems – Details and Emulators

This page is a comprehensive list of Cable Modems in use by TPIA providers in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. For each modem is a link to their Web Interface Emulator, Manual, and Technical Reference and Specifications (Emu, Man, and Ref) where available. You can also find the maximum speed each modem is allowed, the required firmware version to be added to the network as well as other specifications, features and important notes for each modem.

Model Rogers Speed Cogeco Speed Links


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9 Responses to Cable Modems – Details and Emulators

  1. Nick says:

    Need to add the Hitron CODA-45

  2. Nick says:

    You will need these links for the SmartRG SR804 & SR808

  3. Will says:

    Would you consider adding the Technicolor TC4400 to this list?
    – I don’t have an emulator or manual link
    – Specs/Reference:
    – Default credentials (login/pass):
    admin / bEn2o#US9s
    user / Techni1789#


  4. Thomas says:

    The MAN link for the Hitron CDA3 pulls up information for the CDA-Res. I need the manual for the CDA3. Thank you.

  5. Nick says:

    You may need to forward more than port 80 to your modem to access it properly. Javascript may break the webpage if you’re mapping the modem to a different external port. However opening those ports directly, whether mapped differently or not provides a huge security vulnerability. I would recommend using an SSH server inside your network as a proxy server, or remote desktop software such as chrome remote desktop or teamviewer to administer your network equipment remotely.

  6. Thai Tran says:

    Hello Nick,

    I stumbled upon your site and i must say, it has a wealth of information. I don’t know how you find the time and energy to keep it relevant but i sure do appreciate it. Now on to my question 🙂 . I currently support some home setups that use a TP-Link branded modem (TC-7610) which is similar to TC-7620 that you have an emulator for. I have DDNS (within the router) setup to access the router for troubleshooting or changing up config settings. DDNS + Port forwarding provides me access to the attached ATA and also modem. Remotely, i can access the router, ATA and modem. What i can’t access is the modem web interface to access settings. I do get to the username and password page, but after entering the credentials, web page goes blank.

    I’m thinking its the way TP-Link shows their web interface but i don’t have enough hacking knowledge to get around this. I have the same issue with Technicolor TC4350.

    I’ve been successful accessing RCA DCM425, Thompson Technicolor DCM475, Thompson Technicolor DCM476 and Technicolor TC4300.

    I’m hoping this is something i’m over looking.

  7. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Hi__ your portal is awsome for troublshooting___ but whenver i go through some of the modem like Coship CCM8200, Huawei MT130U and many more so i find that emulator doesnt work always__ so plz check.

    • Nick says:

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I have created a landing page for when an emulator is unavailable. The Coship is a modem I would still like to get my hands on. The Huawei MT130U emulator is available and should be working.
      If you can help by providing any hardware, html files or screenshots I would be happy to share. 🙂

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