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DSL related information and troubleshooting guidelines

PPP IP Extension / Half Bridge Mode

What is it? How does it work? Briefly: PPP IP Extension is a feature of some DSL modems which uses the modem to perform the PPP connection and authentication, assign the internet address to a single LAN client via DHCP … Continue reading

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SmartRG SR505n Configuration

How to configure a SmartRG SR505n

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DSL Line Statistics

In the web interface of your DSL modem, (Often accessible even when in bridge mode) you can find information regarding the quality of connection to your DSL provider. Here is the information generally available to the end user: Item Name … Continue reading

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DSL Setup Instructions

ADSL Information ATM Interface atm0/(0_0_0.35) VPI: 0 VCI: 35 802.1q priority: -1 802.1q VLAN ID: -1 VDSL Information PTM Interface ptm0/(0_0_1.35) 802.1P: 1 VLAN ID: 35   SmartRG SR505n Configuration Walkthrough

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