DSL Line Statistics

In the web interface of your DSL modem, (Often accessible even when in bridge mode) you can find information regarding the quality of connection to your DSL provider.

Here is the information generally available to the end user:

Item Name Description Notes
SNR Margin Signal to Noise Ratio >7 will work Ok
>11 is preferrable
Attenuation Resistance Detected on line 5Mbps @ 50dB
7Mbps @ 40dB
15Mbps @ 30dB
20Mbps @ 20dB
30Mbps @ 15dB (VDSL)
50Mbps @ 10dB (VDSL)
See This
Output Power Power Received/Sent
Attainable Rate Fastest rate your modem detects the line is physically capable of Reduced by noise/attenuation/bad line
Rate Actual connected speed
RS Words Frames received
RS Correctable Corrupted frames received that were recovered
RS Uncorrectable Unrecoverable Corrupted frames Should be minimal compared to RS Words

Your DSL Provider’s technical support may have access to some additional information including:

  • Dry/Wetloop phone number
  • When the modem last gained/lost service
  • Modem’s serial #
  • Speed Profile
  • Connected rate
  • Downstream and Upstream SNR Margins
  • Downstream and Upstream Power
  • Historical on PPPoE Authentications

Note: Not all providers may have the ability to view the aforementioned information remotely. Also your modem must be in sync in order to retrieve this information.

More In-Depth:

Interleaved Versus Fast

-VDSL – Profile V50048-26944_11328-2048_00011 on VSM_ARAM
-00011 Indicates Fast
-ADSL – Profile Al1-d14272-5056-U800-256
-Al1 Indicates Fast
-Passes data without an error correction protocol in place
-Has lower latency but can get hindered by line issues

-VDSL – ProfileV50048-26944_11328-2048_66211 on VSM_ARAM
-66211 Indicates Interleaved
-ADSL – Profile Al2-d14272-5056-U800-256
-Al2 Indicates Interleaved
-Error correction in the signal resolves some packet loss stability
-Causes Latency due to error correction

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  1. nshani says:

    VSM_ARAM – can someone please shed light on who makes those DSLAMs, how old they are, their pitfalls, anything else?

  2. Martinlak says:

    Hi All im rookie here. Good post! Thx! Thx!

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