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Powerline / Homeplug AV

What is Powerline? ‘Powerline’ is the term commonly used to refer to HomePlug which is described in the industry standard IEEE 1901. Powerline or HomePlug is a technology which provides Ethernet connectivity over existing electrical mains wiring in the home. This allows … Continue reading

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Tracking Bandwidth

With Internet plans that limit the amount of bandwidth usable per day / month it may be important to be able to track the amount of bandwidth Some operating systems come with utilities to track bandwidth: OSX Activity Monitor Windows 8/10 Task … Continue reading

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Cable Modems – Details and Emulators

This page is a comprehensive list of Cable Modems in use by TPIA providers in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. For each modem is a link to their Web Interface Emulator, Manual, and Technical Reference and Specifications (Emu, Man, and Ref) where … Continue reading

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PPP IP Extension / Half Bridge Mode

What is it? How does it work? Briefly: PPP IP Extension is a feature of some DSL modems which uses the modem to perform the PPP connection and authentication, assign the internet address to a single LAN client via DHCP … Continue reading

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Internet Questions

Post any assorted internet questions here Such as: Question: How do I obtain a new IP Address? Answer: DSL -> Re-authenticate your PPPoE session Cable -> Change your WAN MAC address on your router/connected device

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Automated Internet Diagnostics

Download the Diagnostic Script This application collects necessary information in order to diagnose network connection problems and sends the results to a user specified email address for review as well as displays them in a formatted html page to the … Continue reading

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This document gives an overview of common DOCSIS events one might encounter within a cable modem’s DOCSIS event logs and gives a brief explanation of what each event means. The information here is a collection from different sources such as The … Continue reading

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Useful Links

HighSpeed.Tips Diagnostic Script   Speed Tests  Name Notes  Mobile Friendly IOS/Android App Yes Not reliable Yes Closest server is NY Yes  Powered by Netflix Yes Yes Diagnostic Tools     Name Description DSLReports Tools … Continue reading

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Wireless (802.11) Troubleshooting

Contents Potential Symptoms Low bandwidth / High Ping / Packet Loss Intermittent Service Low Range Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi (Gathering Network Requirements / Other Error) SSID isn’t listed Can’t remember WPA key Also: Environmental Factors General Advice Low bandwidth / … Continue reading

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VOIP Codec Information

Codec Bitrate (kbps) Notes PCMU u-law g711u 64 High Quality / Bandwidth Default Codec in most ATAs PCMA a-law g711a 80-96 High Quality / Bandwidth g723 24-40 g729 8 g726 32 iLBC 8 GSM 13 Default Zoiper Codec Note: If connecting with … Continue reading

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