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All information that pertains to general internet troubleshooting.


Blip is a very useful tool originally available at It measures the latency or delay of connections of your service. It can also measure the speed of DNS responses as well. This can be used to identify packet loss, … Continue reading

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Trending Issues

Here are some trending issues and some good to know facts for troubleshooting current day network and internet connectivity issues. Unable to connect to D-Link WiFi with Apple Device Stability Bulletin: D-Link Routers Feel free to comment with any trends … Continue reading

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Current Outages

Sorry guys, Cogeco has provided a new format for providing outage information and has stopped updating their old source. Sources for outage information: Cogeco Rogers Toronto Power Hydro One Bluewater Power (Sarnia) Enwin(Windsor) Hydro Ottawa
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Tracking Bandwidth

With Internet plans that limit the amount of bandwidth usable per day / month it may be important to be able to track the amount of bandwidth Some operating systems come with utilities to track bandwidth: OSX Activity Monitor Windows 8/10 Task … Continue reading

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Internet Questions

Post any assorted internet questions here Such as: Question: How do I obtain a new IP Address? Answer: DSL -> Re-authenticate your PPPoE session Cable -> Change your WAN MAC address on your router/connected device

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Automated Internet Diagnostics

Download the Diagnostic Script This application collects necessary information in order to diagnose network connection problems and sends the results to a user specified email address for review as well as displays them in a formatted html page to the … Continue reading

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Useful Links

HighSpeed.Tips Diagnostic Script   Speed Tests  Name Notes  Mobile Friendly IOS/Android App Yes Not reliable Yes Closest server is NY Yes  Powered by Netflix Yes Yes Diagnostic Tools     Name Description DSLReports Tools … Continue reading

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Wireless (802.11) Troubleshooting

Contents Potential Symptoms Low bandwidth / High Ping / Packet Loss Intermittent Service Low Range Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi (Gathering Network Requirements / Other Error) SSID isn’t listed Can’t remember WPA key Also: Environmental Factors General Advice Low bandwidth / … Continue reading

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Advanced Internet Troubleshooting

Slow Browsing Perform speed test to eliminate potential for ‘perceived’ slow speeds Check Line Stats/RF values Perform Factory Reset on Cable Modem (Not DSL) Check Ethernet/Wifi Connection speed Check for Packet Loss Isolate Packet Loss Replace Physical connections Bypass troublesome … Continue reading

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General Internet Troubleshooting

What is required for “Internet” to work? Physical Connection: Ethernet / Wi-Fi Check: Fix Modem Lights Router Lights Ethernet/Wireless Adapter Status No Online: -Fix RF No DSL: -Fix Sync No Link/Network Cable unplugged: -Check Ethernet cable -Try different device/port -Ethernet Drivers IP Address … Continue reading

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