DSL Modems

Brand Address Username Password Notes Emulator
Siemens Asks to set credentials upon first login Speedstream 4100
Thompson (old)
admin <blank> ST516
Comtrend root 12345 CT-5072T
Ovislink root root
TP-Link admin admin All
admin admin DSL520B
Bell 2Wire gateway.2wire.net Password set on system tab 2700
Camatel NetVito user user
Zisa admin admin
Zisa A100C Black admin admin Link = DSL Data = Internet
Zisa A100D White admin admin
Bell Sagemcom  2864 VDSL admin admin F@ST 2864 / FAST 2864
Bell Sagemcom  5260 VDSL admin admin Not Available

PPPoE Setup

SmartRG admin admin SR501
Zyxel admin 1234 VSG1432

Other Modems – SkyAngel

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5 Responses to DSL Modems

  1. Will says:

    TP-Link TD-VG3631 DSL gateway emulator isn’t listed when you search for the model on the TP-Link ‘All’ page, but can be found here:

  2. Louis says:

    Hi, I am looking for the root password on a Comtrend CT-300. I have tried 1234, 12345, root etc and can not get in. Considering trying to clear however do not know how.

    • Nick says:

      The CT-300 has a serial port which you can likely use a terminal to configure without any user credentials. It’s worth mentioning this is an ADSL1 modem and likely won’t work with modern infrastructure. I’d say it’s worth getting a newer ADSL2+ modem.

  3. Arafath says:

    Can you Bell Modem details

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