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What’s New @ HighSpeed.Tips Here is a change log for additions, updates, and any news regarding as many changes can be inconspicuous. November 2018 Graphical Buttons! Made with pure CSS! For your most referenced pages. Outage Map! Quickly see … Continue reading

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Current Outages

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Powerline / Homeplug AV

What is Powerline? ‘Powerline’ is the term commonly used to refer to HomePlug which is described in the industry standard IEEE 1901. Powerline or HomePlug is a technology which provides Ethernet connectivity over existing electrical mains wiring in the home. This allows … Continue reading

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Tracking Bandwidth

With Internet plans that limit the amount of bandwidth usable per day / month it may be important to be able to track the amount of bandwidth Some operating systems come with utilities to track bandwidth: OSX Activity Monitor Windows 8/10 Task … Continue reading

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Cable Modems – Details and Emulators

This page is a comprehensive list of Cable Modems in use by TPIA providers in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. For each modem is a link to their Web Interface Emulator, Manual, and Technical Reference and Specifications (Emu, Man, and Ref) where … Continue reading

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PPP IP Extension / Half Bridge Mode

What is it? How does it work? Briefly: PPP IP Extension is a feature of some DSL modems which uses the modem to perform the PPP connection and authentication, assign the internet address to a single LAN client via DHCP … Continue reading

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Internet Questions

Post any assorted internet questions here Such as: Question: How do I obtain a new IP Address? Answer: DSL -> Re-authenticate your PPPoE session Cable -> Change your WAN MAC address on your router/connected device

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Automated Internet Diagnostics

Download the Diagnostic Script This application collects necessary information in order to diagnose network connection problems and sends the results to a user specified email address for review as well as displays them in a formatted html page to the … Continue reading

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This document gives an overview of common DOCSIS events one might encounter within a cable modem’s DOCSIS event logs and gives a brief explanation of what each event means. The information here is a collection from different sources such as The … Continue reading

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Useful Links

HighSpeed.Tips Diagnostic Script   Speed Tests  Name Notes  Mobile Friendly IOS/Android App Yes Not reliable Yes Closest server is NY Yes  Powered by Netflix Yes Yes Diagnostic Tools     Name Description DSLReports Tools … Continue reading

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