Bell DSLAM Types

Bell Canada uses short codes for it’s DSLAM names.

These names actually refer to DSLAM hardware and/or configuration.
They are listed here for your reference:

7330_CO – CO based 7330 FTTN DSLAM
CO_OSLAM – Stinger in CO
CSLAM – Cabinet SLAM (Lucent Cabinets)
DSLAM – Alcatel ASAM 1000/ Nortel in ILEC Central Offices, or serving points if CLEC.
ESLAM – T-1 IMA in Central Offices
FSLAM – Hi-Density Stinger based SLAM in CO
HDSLAM – Alcatel ASAM 7300
NSLAM – Same as OSLAM, but when the Stinger isn’t directly attached to the OPI
OSLAM – Lucent Stinger (OPI DSLAM)
TSLAM – Another remote SLAM
ZSLAM – Lucent AMAS – Dialtone card with integrated ADSL

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