Dynamic DNS Help

A Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service provides a central public database where information (such as e-mail addresses, host names, and IP addresses) can be stored and retrieved. The Dynamic DNS server also stores password-protected information and accepts queries based on e-mail addresses.

If you want to use a DDNS service, you must register for it. The Dynamic DNS client service provider will give you a password or key.

To set up for DDNS:

  1. If you have registered with a DDNS service provider, select the Use A Dynamic DNS Service check box.
  2. Select the name of your Dynamic DNS service provider. 
  3. Type the host name that your Dynamic DNS service provider gave you.
    The DDNS service provider might call this the domain name.
  4. Type the user name for your DDNS account.
  5. Type the password (or key) for your DDNS account.
  6. Click Apply to have the DDNS service used.

Note: The router supports only basic DDNS, and the login and password might not be secure. If you have a private WAN IP address, do not use DDNS service as it can lead to problems.