Access Control Help

You can use Access Control to allow or block computer or electronic devices from accessing your network. When a device is blocked, it would only be able to get an IP address from your router, but it won't be able to communicate with other devices, nor it would be able to connect to the Internet.

To enable Access Control:

Select Turn on Access Control check box. Selecting this check box lets you block or allow computers or electronic devices from accessing your network. You have to select this check box before you can specify an Access Rule and use the Allow and Block buttons. When this check box is cleared, all devices are allowed to connect, even if the device is in the blocked list.

Access Rule radio buttons. Select the radio button for the Access Rule that you want for new devices attempting to connect to your network. The Access Rule does not affect previously blocked or allowed devices. It applies only to future devices joining your network after you apply these settings.

By default, “Allow all new devices to connect” is selected, so if you or your family buy a new device, it will be able to access your network without configuring its MAC address in this page.

NETGEAR recommends that you keep this option selected. If you change this to “Block all new devices from connecting”, then your new device won't be able to access your network until you specifically add its MAC address into the allowed list. For example, if a new computer has both wireless and Ethernet network connections, each connection has its own MAC address, you'll need to add specifically both MAC addresses to the allowed list.

Allow and Block buttons. To allow or block access for a specific device, select its check box and then click the Allow or Block button to change its status.

Click Apply when you finish changing the settings.

Click Cancel to return to the previous settings.