Block Sites Help

If you want to limit access to certain sites on the Internet, you need to set up content filtering. There are two ways to filter content:

When users try to access a blocked site, they will get a message: Blocked by NETGEAR.

To enable site blocking:

Note: On the Schedule screen you can set when keyword and domain name blocking occurs.

To disable site blocking:

To Block Keywords or Internet Domains:

  1. Select when to turn on Keyword Blocking (Never, Per Schedule, or Always).
  2. In the

    Type Keyword Or Domain Name Here field, type the word or domain name you want to block.
  3. Click Add Keyword.
  4. The word or domain name will appear in the list.
  5. Continue adding names and keywords until you are finished.
  6. Click Apply when finished.

Block List. The list under the heading Block Sites Containing these Keywords or Domain Names contains the current list of items to block.

To delete a keyword or domain name:

  1. Select the word or domain name in the list.
  2. Click Delete Keyword.
  3. Continue selecting and deleting names and keywords until you are finished.
  4. Click Apply.

To delete all keywords and domain names:

  1. Click Clear List.
  2. Click Apply.

To allow one computer to have unrestricted access to the Internet:

  1. Select the Allow Trusted IP Address to Visit Blocked Sites check box.
  2. Type the IP address of the computer in the Trusted IP Address area.
    You should need to type a number only in the last field.
  3. Click Apply.

To allow unrestricted access to the Internet:

  1. Select Never in the Keyword Blocking list.
  2. Click Apply.